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Hemp F.A.Q

Florida MicroGreens uses woven hemp fiber mats for growing MicroGreens in a hydroponic system This 100% hemp product is made from fibers grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. These hemp mats are designed to transport water evenly...

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MicroGreens Salad with Egg

Our best lunch is at home! Ingredients: 3 eggs (or egg substitute like VeganEgg), pea shoots, tomatoes, amaranth flowers and micros, mizuna red frills mustard, red veined sorrell, carrot ribbons, superfood salad mix (broccoli, kale, red cabbage, buckwheat lettuce),...

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Vegan Gathering at Eight-Foot Brewing

Vegan Gathering Eight-Foot Brewing   Join us on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018 from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM FREE Event Open To ALL w/ 100% #vegan Food and Beer Available For Purchase. We'll have vendors who specialize in vegan foods and other items. We anticipate 20+...

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Hemp 101

Hemp 101 - What is hemp and how can it be used The controversy surrounding hemp is peculiar to me.  Several years ago I did some research on the many different uses of hemp.  I found the results to be mind altering, in an academic way. I could not understand why hemp...

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Fresh Sheet 10/03/2017

  Florida MicroGreens Fresh Sheet! Chefs, here is our list of current MicroGreens available this week. Place your order today for delivery on Thursday October 5th.   Blue Peppe Nasturtium Leaves Nasturtium Leaves Pea Shoots Petite Arugula Super-food Mix...

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Hurricane Irma

We at Florida MicroGreens would like to say that we survived the storm. Our radio silence has been due to cleanup duty at our facility, our homes, our friend's homes, and efforts to support our local community. We will have nutrient dense micros available in 12 days....

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Florida Microgreens Grown using Pure Water

Florida Microgreens Delivers Pure Food Looking for the freshest, longest lasting, and healthiest microgreens in Florida?  Welcome to Florida Microgeens, an urban vertical hydroponic farm located in Cape Coral, Florida.   We are excited to bring Southwest Florida...

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Agrilicious adds Florida Microgreens to the Farms list

Building Blocks for Microgreens Production Recently we were added to the Agrilicious list of farms and are super excited to grow just like our plants!  As we reach out to various trade associations like Agrilicious.org, (http://www.agrilicious.org/FloridaMicrogreens)...

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Growing Microgreens – How we do it

Featured here in this pic of Florida Microgreens are some seeds that are in the germination stage, placed on a coco-fiber medium.  For the first few days of life, the seeds are "rooted" to the coco-fiber matte and kept wet with a fine mist of only filtered water.  As...

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Contact Florida Microgreens for FREE samples!

Free Florida Microgreens Samples available from our Case Study During the months of March and April, Florida Microgreens (FMG) are delivering FREE samples of microgreens for farm-to-table or special events to showcase our microgreens paired with dishes by select chefs...

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Welcome to Florida Microgreens!

Welcome and thanks for checking out Florida Microgreens. We are excited to bring Southwest Florida naturally grown, LIVE microgreens using 100% water and food-safe plastics to grow and deliver our crops. Please check back often as we will be updating our pages...

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