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Florida MicroGreens is a studio showcasing vertical hydroponic growing systems. We grow microgreens and deliver to Southwest Florida!

We are located in Cape Coral, Florida offering living microgreens grown in 100% water in foodsafe containers and delivered direct to Chefs in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island and the surrounding Southwest Florida region.

What’s Special about Florida Microgreens?
Living, fresh greens are not only less expensive than the typical cut versions delivered in clamshells, but provide the best flavor, the longest shelf life, and the most robust, vibrant looking greens. That’s a big claim but as most Chefs know, cut greens have a short (2-3 day) shelf life after delivery before they turn limp, lose flavor, and look less appealing on the plate. So why make your dish look or taste less than the best? To date, local chefs report that several varieties of Florida Microgreens have lasted up to 3 weeks in their walk in coolers!

Now we all know that all micros are different. Some are more fragile, tender, and dainty than others. But if you think about the issue, there’s a simple solution. Keep the greens alive as long as possible and thereby increase flavor, viability, and safety because you are removing all the processing and handling time. It’s not hard to imagine that if the plant is alive, it will last longer and retain its flavor.

Want to know more?
Sign up for our !  If you want to see examples of our microgreens already being used around Southwest Florida by the many Talented Chefs, visit our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/FloridaMicrogreen/ or on Instagram @floridamicrogreens.

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Our Team

Rachel Shemenski


Rachel spent 22 years working in the food and beverage industry. She has spent time learning and working many different positions, from dishwasher to line cook to server to bartender to bar manager to general manager. Rachel left the restaurant industry to join Rob Epple at AMC Video Productions in 2013 as his studio manager. Rachel is part owner here at Florida MicroGreens.

Email: rachel@floridamicrogreens.com
Phone: 239-770-1969

Rob Epple


Rob is an entrepreneur with a diverse background in computer science, video production, curriculum, training, and agricultural science. He grew up on a turn of the century dairy farm in upstate New York. From 1998 – present Rob founded and is the director at AMC Video Productions, LLC. Rob is part owner here at Florida MicroGreens.

Email: rob@floridamicrogreens.com
Phone: 239-218-2636

Nick Shemenski


Nick has been involved in the computer/technology field for over 20 years. He recently retired from FedEx after spending 15 years as a Senior Customer Technology Consultant. Currently he owns an internet e-commerce and consulting firm in Southwest Florida. Nick is part owner here at Florida MicroGreens.

Email: nick@floridamicrogreens.com
Phone: 239-699-7459

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