Welcome to Florida Microgeens

an urban vertical hydroponic farm

located in Cape Coral, Florida


Our company is truly committed to producing the best microgreens.

We strive to provide a great local source of living microgreens to Southwest Florida Chefs.

100% Water

We use only 100% pure filtered water to grow our microgreens.

Food Safe

Our microgreens are delivered in food safe trays.

Organic Sources

Our seeds and growing media are from certified organic sources.

Living Microgreens

Our microgreens are still growing when delivered.

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Would you like to order Live Microgreens grown in a state of the art vertical farm using the latest growing technology?  All of our microgreens are grown right here in Southwest Florida!

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Learn more about what we do.  Florida Microgreens is changing the way microgreens are being grown and delivered!


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Our Mission

Florida MicroGreens is an urban vertical hydroponic farm located in Cape Coral, Florida.   We are excited to bring Southwest Florida organically grown, LIVE microgreens using 100% water and food-safe plastics to grow and deliver our crops.


“I’ve been using Florida Microgreens’ products for a few months now at Mad Fresh and everything is just amazing. I have a new favorite. The scallion microgreens are PHENOMENAL. Potent with just enough bite. Amazing,fresh flavor, not to mention beautiful. Everything about them is just outstanding. Bravo guys, and thank for the amazing freshness called Florida Microgreens.”

Chef Sam

Mad Fresh

“Wow!! These micros are outstanding. Freshness, taste, longevity, and look at them, they are beautiful! I am the chef of Pelican Marsh Golf Club and am always looking for healthy, quality, naturally made deliciousness for my members. Florida Micro Greens definitely takes dining to the next level. Oh, yeah, did I mention they are local!! They have my heartiest recommendation, love what they have created. Oh yes we will change the world, for better, one plate at a time!!”

Chef Chad

Pelican Marsh Golf Club

“We are coming up on our 3rd tray in 3 weeks over at gulf harbour yacht and country club! The reception has been nothing short of excellent! The plating has been transformed thanks to these wonderful and flavor filled micro greens. Not a single plate leaves the kitchen without a selected gem from our tray of hydroponically grown treasures! Rachel and rob are as knowledgeable as it gets and are always willing to make the experience unforgettable.”

Chef James

Gulf Harbour Yacht and Country Club

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